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March 25-26

Wexford, New Ross, Cork

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March 25

We drove to the town of Wexford this morning. Today is Good Friday. We viewed St. Iberius Church and witnessed their priest carrying a cross from the town square to the church. It was a moving sight to see. Our next stop was New Ross where we toured the Dunbrody Famine Ship. These famine ships were used to bring the poor Irish to Canada, America or Australia because they had no other means of survival. Families often had wakes before family members left because they knew once the ships sailed those family members were dead to them. Many of the poor could not read or write so they knew they would never see or hear from those family members again.

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Images driving to Wexford
Downtown Wexford
Priest carrying cross from town square to church barefoot - Good Friday
New Ross Dunbrody Famine Ship

March 26

Today we drove to Cork. We are trying AirBnB. In Dublin we stayed at a Crowne Plaza, loved our room and location. We knew we could not stay at expensive hotels for all 75 days. In Waterford we stayed at a Travel Lodge which is pretty similar to a Motel 6. We would say it is one step up from a hostel. The room we have in Cork at Olivia’s house is probably a step down from the Travel Lodge. There are cobwebs in every corner (even the bathroom) so it is a little creepy. But Olivia has the Irish humor you would expect and there is a bus stop right outside her door. After arriving in Cork we took the bus to the city center and explored the area. Cork is known as the food capital of Ireland. They have a market called the English Market with all kinds of fresh food. We had an amazing Italian meal and went back to our creepy room.

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Drive to Cork

English Market

Sean and I at Dinner

Cork and the McCarthy's

Images of Cork City Center

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March 24



March 24

Our first day of rain. Today we took a guided tour at the House of Waterford Crystal. The perfection of the skilled craftsmen is amazing. Last year Waterford Crystal hired some new apprentices, first time in 30 years. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant with our food prepared by a guy from Turkey. And since Sean was a good boy at the Waterford Crystal factory we had Italian gelato from a Romanian. We spent the rest of the day walking around Waterford through commercial and residential areas. Saw two beautiful churches, Holy Trinity and St. Patrick’s Cathedral (the oldest catholic cathedral in Ireland) and St. Saviour’s Priory.

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Waterford Crystal - Wanda with world's largest champagne flute

Waterford Crystal - Sean holding a crystal football

Irish Open Waterford Trophy

Waterford craftsman forming hot glass

Waterford Crystal Cinderella carriage - only $40,000 Euros

Waterford Holy Trinity and St. Patrick's Cathedral

Waterford St. Saviour’s Priory

Waterford Clock Tower

Walking around Waterford

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March 21-23

Dublin, Waterford


March 21

Had another delicious breakfast at a bakery. Took DART out to Greystones which is southwest of Dublin on the coast. Had an amazing seafood lunch with views of the Atlantic. Walked around the little town and headed back to Dublin. It is about an hour train ride each way plus another 20-30 minutes to our hotel via bus. Nice to have a day that was a little quieter.

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March 22

Today we stayed in Blanchardstown which is a northwest suburb of Dublin. We went shopping and ate Italian food. Sean has tried pizza at 3 different places and has yet to be satisfied. We picked up our rental car. It was stressful driving from the rental agency to the hotel. It is weird driving on the passenger side of the car on the opposite side of the road. FYI, a liter of gas is $1.20; a liter = .27 gallons; do the math. Yep, gas is expensive here, about $4.56/gallon. We also went to see a movie titled Michael Collins, a true story about an Irish rebel leader who helped fight for Ireland’s freedom.

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March 23

Got up early and drove to Waterford.
Sean’s tips on renting a car and driving in Ireland:
1. Rent an automatic. It costs more than a manual but one less thing to worry about when trying to concentrate on driving on the wrong side of the road
2. Pay for full coverage insurance on the rental. They are very unyielding when it comes to any damage to the cars.
3. Get GPS with European maps.
4. Don’t rent a car in Dublin. The public transportation is great, the streets are narrow, and people drive crazy.
5. Before you rent your car watch traffic and get a sense of how the traffic flows.

We went to the Bishop’s Palace Museum and the Medieval Museum today. Interesting how they lived from the Vikings to the Bishops and Lords of the land. Have discovered 2 museums per day is Sean’s limit, then he starts shutting down. I have also discovered that if I reward him with ice cream or gelato then he is much more cooperative! We had lunch at a real Irish pub, food was great and Guinness is now one of our favorite beers. Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland. Walking around the city you can still see parts of the stone wall the surrounded the city as well as towers that were used for watch and defense.

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Drive to Waterford

Bishops Palace

Medieval Museum
Irish Viking Sean and Viking Boat
Medieval Stone Wall and Tower
Walking around Waterford

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March 16 - 20, 2016



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March 16, 2016
Arrived in Dublin at 7:35 a.m. went through customs and took a $60 euro cab ride to the hotel (ouch). Lesson learned public transportation would have been cheaper but we had too much luggage. Took public bus to Dublin’s city center and walked around. Lots of cafes, bakeries, pubs and gift shops. Sean had his first gelato (snickers and Bueno, yum).
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On plane to Dublin
Liffey River
Photos from around Dublin

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day
Watched the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Dublin with thousands of other celebrators. Weather was chilly. The Irish and tourists really dress up and get into the celebration. Went had lunch at the Stephen’s Green shopping center and walked around the area. The bus system had detours because of the parade so we were not sure where to catch the bus. We walked, and walked, and walked but could not find our bus. We finally found a bus that would get us back to Blanchardstown, where our hotel is located. We walked over 13.5 miles, that’s a HALF MARATHON, and boy could we feel it.
Fitbit steps: 31,941

Sea of Green
Floats at the St. Patrick's Day parade
Sean after walking a half marathon.

March 18
Took bus to city center, caught DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and went out to Howth to the Prawn Festival. Howth is located on the northeast of Dublin on the coast. Had some amazing food – prawns and fish & chips. The town is adorable. We walked the wharf and went to an outdoor market. We were in bed early because we were still exhausted from our half marathon.
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Images of Howth

March 19
Today we visited the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, one interesting thing was the extinct giant Dublin deer. St. Stephens Green, a 22 acre park in the middle of Dublin city center, beautiful greenery and flowers. Toured the Irish Whiskey Museum and sampled 3 different Irish whiskeys. Visited Trinity College and walked around the grounds. Most amazing thing was the viewing of the Book of Kells along with its history and the Old Library. We ended our day with a tour of Dublin Castle.
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St. Stephens Green
St. Stephens Green Shopping Center
Trinity College
Whiskey Musuem
Dublin Castle

March 20
Toured Guinness Storehouse and loved it, this was one of our favorite things in Dublin so far. Thanks to Megan for giving me tour tickets for my birthday. We learned how to properly pour a glass of Guinness and it sure does taste good when it is fresh from the barrel. We ate lunch at one of the restaurants on the 5th floor of the storehouse. Next we viewed St. Augustine and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, beautiful inside. It was peaceful and quiet inside, until we heard snoring. Sean inspected and found 2 bums sleeping in a pew. We made our way down to the Dublinia which is a Viking and medieval museum. Did some souvenir shopping and had Italian for dinner.
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Guinness Storehouse
Guinness beer vat holds 720,000 pints of beer
Views from Guinness
How to properly pour a Guinness
Entertainment outside of Guinness Storehouse
Dublinia - Viking and Medieval Museum
St. Augustine and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

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