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May 12-13

Edinburgh, Scotland


May 12-13

May 12 we flew from London to Edinburgh. We got situated in our hotel room and set out to get a little familiar with the city.

On May 13 we did a Hop On-Hop Off bus tour. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. We toured the Edinburgh Castle. From the castle one also has amazing views of the city. Our final stop of the day was the Britannia, aka the royal yacht.

May 12 Fitbit steps: 11,752

May 13 Fitbit steps: 17,466

Edinburgh Castle

Images around Edinburgh

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May 9-10-11



May 9-10-11

On May 9 we took a bus up to the Montmartre area of Paris. We ate lunch and walked around before heading back to our room. Montmartre is a large hill in the Right Bank district. On top of the hill is an amazing basilica. This are is also where Moulin Rouge is located as well as the red light district.

May 10 we took a bus down to the Eiffel Tower (third trip down to this area). We wanted to take the elevator to the top of the tower and it was a good day for this since the line was short. It was a little overcast but the views were still breathtaking. It is a little creepy riding the glass elevator up and seeing all the ground below you. We hiked back to our room from the tower area. On the way back we found a pet store where we had to go and see the puppies.

May 11 was a travel day. Took the several trains to get out to the airport, flew to London, took a bus from one airport to another in London then a shuttle to our hotel. It took us all day to get from Paris to London and to our hotel. Tomorrow we fly to Scotland!

Fitbit steps: 17,269

Fitbit steps: 18,448

Images from Montmartre region

Photos from the Eiffel Tower

Pet store

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May 8

Paris - The Louvre Museum


May 8

Today we walked to the Louvre Museum – home of the Mona Lisa. The Louvre is the largest museum in the world. The Mona Lisa is not only the most famous painting in the world but also the most expensive, in fact so expensive no price can be placed on it. The museum does not insure the painting but instead uses those funds for security for the painting. The Louvre was once the home of Napoleon and part of the museum displays his royal apartment. The rest of the museum includes sculptures, paintings and Egyptian artifacts. The French have a strong connection to Egypt ever since Jean-François Champollion deciphered the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in 1822. We spent five hours in the museum and did not see it all however we did get lost several times. On the way back to our hotel we saw a fascist rally taking place. There were plenty of police and swat officers around in case trouble broke out. Sean was just as intrigued with the rally as he was with the Mona Lisa.

Fitbit steps: 22,927

The Louvre

Mona Lisa

Napoleon's royal apartment



Egyptian Artifacts

Fascist Rally

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May 7



May 7

Today we took a cruise on the Seine River. The cruise left from the Eiffel Tower area so it was a good walk from our hotel and a warm day. After the cruise we walked through the park near the Eiffel Tower and over to a café for a nice lunch. Then we made the long walk back to our hotel taking in the beautiful scenery as we went.

Fitbit steps: 23,839

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Statue of Thomas Jefferson. We also saw a statue of George Washington. When the Americans fought Great Britain and won the American Revolutionary War the French were partying and dancing in the streets (they hated the British).

Other photos from our cruise and walk

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May 6



May 6

Today was day 2 of our Hop on-Hop off bus tour. We rode the tour bus around on both routes to see all the sites. We grabbed a picnic lunch and ate in the Louvre Museum park. We also explored the Grand Opera area.

Fitbit steps: 16,293

Louvre Museum - for those of you who loved The Da Vinci Code movie you will see several photos of the glass pyramid.

Moulin Rouge

Images of Paris

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